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Eat Your Greens

A good friend and Godly woman who inspired me in my early adulthood once told me that, "every church was not for every Christian, but every Christian needed a good church." Finding a good church is challenging, for many reasons. Defining what "good" is to you is critical to helping you discern accurately what God is doing in and around you as it relates to your local church. I have had the privilege of being a part of thriving and healthy church cultures, as well as, also ones that lacked and suffered in varying degrees. But predominantly a Christian needs a church culture that cultivates growth, and causes them to continue to transform and press to discover and know more the fullness of Jesus, and our Father God's love and power. Toxic church culture has been a hot button topic throughout the varying seasons of the Church Age. And even recently with new #Churchtoo climate and church cultural challenges of the 2000s, finding the right church fit can open us up to a process that can create unexpected discouragement and even toxicity. After all, churches are made up of humans, and Christians are humans, so since humans are oftentimes not perfect, then at their best attempts church can miss the mark of what one is seeking or in need of. However, what you seek vs. what you need are two entirely different matters. Let's post about that another time. If you are not growing spiritually and increasing in understanding of the Word and ways of God, learning and cultivating the goodness of communion with God's Presence, or; if you just feel "tolerated", vs. celebrated in having found your place to serve in your local community expression, then it's very possible you have not found your right church. Or, it could be, you are in need of much more transformation in order to step into a new season of your dream in life, or even your capability to see, know and understand what God is doing inside you. It is also possible you have extended your stay when your growth should have caused you to bloom, prosper and advance. In the digital age, we all have access to some form of "church" diet. But nothing takes the place of real connection and accountability to create the synergy of healthy relationships and advancing the church in this hour. I had the best spinach salad yesterday. It reminded me of how we all need greens in our diets, and, the spinach of the truth is we all need to help do our part to heal, and change in order to advance, or even steer clear of toxic church culture. If your church has issues, then be part of the change. Use God's standards for love and service, not your own, and not humanism or any form of manipulation. His standards of love and infilling of supernatural grace and love to advance through toxic church waters will keep you healthy and His truth will continue to march on. Enjoy the greens~! #GetFreeFromToxicChurch, #GreensFreeMe, #CelebrateChurch


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