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Perverted Justice

We live in a day when it's hard to define justice for some. What is right to some is wrong for another, and what is wrong for others, is right to others. God's justice is not perverted. It is truth, right, just and brings goodness and life. God's view of justice and man's view of justice is oftentimes VERY different. God's word is the standard for understanding the heart and mind of God in how He views justice. To know God is to understand His ways and His views on dealing with corruption and evil, this includes both inside and outside traditional established church expressions. Evil doers do not understand what is right, but those who seek God and know Him deeply and intimately understand justice from His perspective. This knowing and administration of justice through God's people is directly revealed by the effects it has on peoples lives and relationships with ones self, God and others. God alone is the one to reveal darkness (or evil) and bring it into the light. His word is full of Him having this rightful place. His people are called to colabor with Him in administering His justice in Heaven (through prayer and relationship with Him), and on the Earth, (through living examples of the light and life of Christ) and standing up for justice against all forms of corruption in every sphere of culture. Christian leaders are warned many times in His word to be careful about being the agent to "reveal evil" I Peter 2:1 says, "therefore rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy and slander of every kind." We are not called to be the justifier that is God's role, we are not called to judge others sins and to legislate sin. Religion and demonic forces seek to do this in churches and oftentimes through leaders who are immature and lack understanding of the fear of God in stewarding peoples lives in His justice. Seeking out the evil and the deceit within our OWN hearts is a process. Our focus should be on carefully looking within and looking outwardly alike. This process of accountability to guard our hearts and look inwardly is not for the faint of heart, in fact it takes great courage to be brave enough to face yourself in your deceits of heart and mind, and can be very painful in the process. For us to be truly free we must face this process and avoid religious leaders who try to judge us and lay upon us unjust judgements of ridicule, shame and disdain vs. leading us into the presence of a holy, just, compassionate living God, who is truly willing to forgive and accept us, when we truly are positioned to receive, repent and change. We cannot change without His grace, and without Christian leaders willing to lead people into the TRUTH of who He is (in just-ness), and into His presence for love, grace, mercy and JUSTICE, then where do any of us go? Church leaders operating in their own flesh and judgements of the people are not part of the advance in this hour, but part of the same old traditions of men that make God's word to no avail. Mark 7:13 They do not effectively represent a living Christ who will not turn us away when we come to Him, but instead is willing to forgive and release mercy. All too often Christians are judged by local leaders who make assessing the person and passing judgment out of a 1 or 2 hour counseling assessment of their whole lives, sin analysis, and with no real engagement of prayer or burden bearing for the soul in front of them. We are called and promised as God's people to find mercy, receive grace in every hour of need. If you have been judged by a church leader for a sin that you left the talk time feeling shame, guilt and condemnation DONT GO BACK. You should be receiving counsel from church leaders who offer transformational thinking, tangible healing of the heart and mind, cleansing by the blood of Jesus in a tangible experience of meeting the Spirit of God, instructions on how to seek and know God for yourself, edification and equipping for how to get free and stay free from bondages and sin. Anything else is just religion, and that's NOT God's heart or His way. His word and His justice revealed is evidence in the lives changes by the truth. "So let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never failing stream." Amos 5:24 Keep choosing to SHINE~! Spend time with the Radiant One (Jesus), and be changed in His Presence. Donna Scott


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