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Transformation is all about a process.  It means to experience a type of metamorphosis. This change is meant to bring about newness to all parts of man (or nature) and involves many parts of change.  That process is unique and oftentimes requires a thorough insight into the rearrangement or renewal of a multi-faceted perspective.  These steps can range anywhere from quick and easy to painful and dramatic.  Transformation in our own lives is and can be ever proceeding.  Whether it's setting up new operational standards in our company and assessing the right personnel for specific tasks or if we are seeking something more wondrous and supernatural.  #Change is oftentimes varied in it's degrees and the effects of the same process can vary person to person.

For a Christian, our belief system and mind #renewal process is a key component to the #process of #transformation.  It can be ever-proceeding, yet, simultaneously that ever-proceeding experience flows from (or can flow) from a reality in a finished work from Christ that He has obtained and experienced all that is needed for ourselves if we can rightly discern and position ourselves to receive from Him.  This can be so clear for some, and greatly allude others.

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